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The No.1 tennis player in the world, One of the masters. Manuel Martinez ‘Manolo’ Santana. exclusive interview



Manolo, you have been amongst the elite in the world of tennis, and for some years now you have been organising the Mutua Madrid Open with top players. Do you think that one day we could have a similar tournament here in Marbella?

At the moment it would seem unlikely to have a Mutua Madrid Open (Masters 1000) in Marbella for various reasons, both money-wise and the need to obtain the ATP’s permission for a further world Masters 1000.

How important is sport for the people of Marbella?

Very important, for all types of sport. You must have enthusiasm and the determination to win.

Which one of today’s tennis professionals do you particularly admire, either for his style or maybe for his technique?

Rafael Nadal, no question. He is a perfect example thanks to his behaviour both on and off the tennis court. Of course there are the other greats, such as David Ferrer or Roger Federer.

What sort of personality does an elite sportsman have?

A resolute character… perseverance, determination and discipline.

Once you told me in an interview that it is a “leap in the dark”, never look back? Perhaps this has something to do with the winner’s personality?

Always look ahead no matter how old you are or what your circumstances are. There is no choice if you want to be happy.

Seeing your vitality, your passion and energy, it looks as though there is no age when a man is no longer young, what is your secret?

Love life as long as you have it. You only live once. And it is a privilege as long as you enjoy mental and physical health.

How did you celebrate your 75th birthday?

As usual – with the people I love and who love me in the world of tennis.

You run a Racquets Club with various activities, you are a businessman who has invested many years in Marbella, do you think it is the best place to live and work?manolosantana4

Marbella is a town to live in and to visit and to settle down for ever…..its people, its weather and lots more. And I have a club called Manolo Santana Racquets Club, with a great family and sports atmosphere which attracts people of all ages to come and have fun.

They say that behind every great man there is a great woman, and all who know Claudia will agree. Is it true that you are getting married this year?

I am with the woman I love most, and whom I will love all my life. That will explain everything and answer all your questions.


Interview by Maria Elena Paganini


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