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Marbella’s Mayoress gives message of optimism


 Marbella Mayor Angeles Munoz

After the uncertain times that we have experienced in this city, what message would the Mayoress give to new investors?

Without doubt a message of optimism. After a tumultuous period our city has seen  the return of normality and legal certainty. Marbella’s business community has been encouraged by the drive initiated by the Town Hall to attract investors from countries such as Russia or the Persian Gulf. Furthermore, with the new PGOU (General Plan of Marbella) and a Town Council that is back to normal, Marbella is an area which has great potential and still a long way to go. 

With the present real estate crisis, do you believe that buying properties in the Costa del Sol is still good business?

Of course, Marbella in particular is still a very attractive city in which to invest in real estate property. Our climate, infrastructure and the services offered make the municipality a wonderful place to live or to come on holiday. 

Three years after the approval of the PGOU (General Plan of Marbella), and the present legalisation of some thousand properties, what is left to do in the near future in this respect?

We must continue the standardisation process of all the properties that were found to be in breach of regulations, some 16,500 in total. Hence the Town Hall has initiated the procedures to begin the obligatory compensation payments required for the standardisation according to the PGOU, and is demanding that the promoters pay the charges, as well as the urbanizations’ debts. 

What is the real situation regarding the expansion of Puerto la Bajadilla?

As you know, this project is under the jurisdiction of the Junta de Andalucia (Regional Government) and it is their job to explain to us how the project is progressing. From the Town Hall’s part, we are doing everything we can to ensure that the project goes ahead, and that the solution announced by the Andalusian Government does not condemn it to another fifteen years in the bottom drawer. This project is fundamental for the city and I hope that the Junta does not turn its back on Marbella once again. 

We are celebrating the third year of Marbella Luxury Weekend. How did it begin and who is this luxury weekend aimed at?

It is an initiative created by the Town Hall and this third year confirms its status as an international event for the elite. For four days Puerto Banús, in particular, and the town in general, will be the centre of attention for the world’s principle exclusive brands and their prospective customers.


Do you believe that the word Marbella is inexorably connected to luxury?

Absolutely, and Marbella Luxury Weekend, without doubt, is an excellent way to ensure that our brand is linked to exclusivity and excellence. Don’t forget that we in Marbella have highly exclusive brands which do not appear in other parts of Spain. 

As Angeles Muñoz and not Mayoress, what do you like most, and least, about Marbella?

Marbella is a city that should be known and lived in. I fell in love with it from the beginning, and ever since then I have been working to improve it even more. I love its climate, the hospitality of our people, the mountains and sky line…I could go on. What I like least is the lack of infrastructure, particularly with regard to education and sanitisation, which is the responsibility of the Junta de Andalucia. It is incredible that with more than 140,000 inhabitants on the register, we only have three Public Health Centres. 

You have the responsibility to take decisions on behalf of all those who have voted for you. What is the most difficult decision you have made since you became Mayoress?

When you are Mayoress of a city as important as ours, there are no easy decisions because we are talking about many diverse interests. At the moment I do not remember which was the most complicated but I do remember the duty I have with the city and that every decision that I make must be done taking into account the general interest of all our citizens. 

Hansa Realty, like many international companies, has decided to bet on Marbella. What words of support could you give to the businessmen who invests in the your city?

I can assure them that at present Marbella offers all the guarantees for companies, such as Hansa Realty, who have decided to bet on the city. The standardisation process initiated by the local government and the approval of the PGOU has returned legality and legal certainty to the town, which is now a perfect place to develop any business project. Furthermore, we must emphasise that the Town Hall has an Investor Help Department which offers all sorts of information and personalised advice to the companies that are interested in investing in our city.

Interview by Maria Elena Paganini


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