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Energy performance certificate mandatory from 1st of June 2013 in Spain

Energy Performance Certificate SpainFinally the Council of Ministers approved the Royal Decree by which all individuals who wish to sell or rent their property for a period of more than four months per year, will be required to have a certificate to rate their home on a scale from A to G , as we know from the domestic appliances. Without such certification the properties cannot be advertised on internet or by real estate agencies, and cannot be sold, since the certificate will also be required by the Notary Public on completion.

This certificate shall be prepared by architects, technical architects, or engineers who have the actual official software for the certification of buildings (CE3 and CE3X). The preparation of the certificate will be billed to the owner. After receiving the certificate the same has to be registered at the corresponding authority appointed by each Spanish Autonomous Community. In the future the Autonomous Communities will also control and penalize cases of deficiencies or infractions.

Currently the energy certificate will be valid for 10 years and does not require modifying or refurbishing the property. The certificate shall contain recommendations for improving the energy efficiency of the property and the owner can decide whether to carry out energy saving improvements to his home or not.

As buyers today take into account the energy efficiency of any domestic appliance, so the buyers or tenants will become aware of the status of energy use of  the property and the costs involved  when looking for a home.

Also shops, offices and public or private buildings that serve the public and have an area of more than 500 m2 must present visibly their certificate of energy efficiency of their facilities.

Please be advised that Hansa Realty is prepared to assist you in obtaining your Energy performance certificate for the best possible price.


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