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Marbella is improving its city centre

Marbella’s city council wants to close Ricardo Soriano for traffic and create a top of the line luxury walking area.

Last Friday Marbella’s mayor Ángeles Muñoz presented a new plan to further improve the economic strength and the quality of life (& shopping) in Marbella city centre.

The plan’s main point is the closure for all traffic of the busy avenue Ricardo Soriano over a length of 600 meters, creating a 20.000 m2 pedestrian friendly and safe area. Ricardo Soriano and calle Ramón y Cajal will be closed between  the streets Calvario and Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, creating a 25 meters wide walking boulevard. For those of you who don’t recognize the street names: the 600 meters will be between the intersection where the Burger King is (with the half circular building) on the west side and the intersection with the street leading to Hotel El Fuerte and the tunnel to the parking, just passed the little park with the fountain on the east side.

The area of Plaza de Los Naranjos and Marbella’s Old Town will be united with the Paseo Maritimo area and the Puerto Deportivo, with no busy roads in between. Shop owners, residents and tourists will be enjoying a luxury area to walk, shop and enjoy a drink or a bite on a terrace without any traffic!!!


Another part of the plan is to close calle Miguel Cano (the street leading from Ricardo Soriano down to the Puerto Deportivo – next to café Marbella, where the horses and taxis are) as well as the streets at the end of this street. The same goes for a number of streets leading from the main avenue down in the direction of the sea.


Of course, new parking facilities and new roundabouts will add to the comfort of Marbella’s city centre. It will be easy and fast to arrive in the centre by car, park it and enjoy the day in the new, modern and luxury Marbella city centre. Some if these new parking facilities are already under construction or about the start being part of separate and independent plans.

Malaga city centre has Calle Larios and is an amazing success. The shopping street and surrounding (car free) areas with many restaurants and bars draw thousands of people every day spending the day there. This street in Christmas time is an attraction for it self, as it is during Semana Santa.


The plan is currently under review to confirm it’s possible to realize. The city council expects a positive outcome of this and work should be starting fairly quickly after this, possibly before next summer. Once started, the constructions should take only 15 months!!!  To create as little disturbance and suffering as possible of the constructions work will be planned in a way that high seasons (summer months and weeks of holidays) will be avoided.


The plan is supported by tourist boards, local companies and hotels, representatives of shop owners and most importantly all political parties in the city council. Let’s just hope this plan will be accepted and realized.  Good for employment, good for the economy, good for the residents, good for the shops & restaurants and good for all tourists. So at the end of the day: good for all!!! This plan together the comfortable new tunnel in San Pedro de Alcantara that has relieved the Costa del Sol from traffic jams and dangerous points and with the new marina will confirm Marbella’s place on the world map and even strengthen it!!!


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