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Happy Anniversary Google!


Today we want to congratulate Google for its 14th  anniversary. We think, no one can imagine the world without Google anymore. Sergey Brin and Larry Page had the idea in a Silicon Valley garage and they created one of the most powerful internet tools. The 27th of September 1998 Google started working. Their motto is to organize the information worldwide and make it accessible and generally useful. Today Google is used for nearly everything: images, maps, news, email, mobile app, advertisements, Youtube videos, social media, etc. They started as a search engine and have grown to cover all aspects of the online world. Today, for their anniversary they have chosen a new “doodle” the famous animations that transform the Google logo in special occasions.

Hansa Realty’s Webpage is constantly updated for being in a good Google position, we use Picassa, Google+, Youtube, have our offices tagged in Google maps, we use Google advertising called “adwords” and we control our online visits with Google analytics. Google is our daily working tool. We look forward for all they have to offer in the coming years.


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