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The end of the construction in San Pedro de Alcantará

(Photo Narval Ingenieria)

Today, after 5 years of construction works, traffic deviations, traffic jams and (not unimportant) a total investment of 85 millions Euros the minister along with the mayor will inaugurate the tunnel of San Pedro de Alcántara.

This one kilometer of the N 340 has been for more then 2 decades one of the most dangerous points on the Costa del Sol roads, a so called punto negro. From today on an expected 65.000 (!!) cars a day will use the new tunnel to pass the centre of San Pedro de Alcántara in a comfortable and fast manner.

Road works and the de-tours started over 5 years ago and finally the residents and the visiting tourists can now enjoy the tunnel between kilometer markers 170.7 and 171.7, reducing the travel time between the Ronda road intersection and the Guadalmina golf course area by at least 10 to 15 minutes. Besides faster it will be more comfortable and safer as the tunnel has no intersections (obviously) and also has no exits to the San Pedro city center. The only traffic using the tunnel will be ongoing traffic.

So from today on properties along the New Golden Mile will be even more attractive as the travel time is reduced and made more comfortable.


While we are busy opening up, or better said, whilst the Minister is busy cutting ribbons, she also opens the 2nd runway onMalagaInternationalAirport. This long expected runway will increase the capacity of the airport handlings speed of incoming and departing flights significantly. As the Costa del Sol’s aviation entry point for mostly flights from withinEurope travelers prefer to arrive early morning and depart late afternoon. Clearly, with the number of flights coming in and departing at one point the runway was at its limits and flights were scheduled later on in the day and becoming less popular. Now, with two runways airlines can plan their flights at the traveler’s desired moments as the airport will be able to handle them. As also the recently inaugurated terminal has a great capacity of luggage and travelers handling people will be able to arrive on the desired moment of the day, pass through the airport quickly and be on their way.


With today’s double inaugurationsMarbellaand the especially the New Golden Mile have become even better reachable for tourist and of course home owners!!!!


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