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Your home terrace has the potential to attract buyers

We have already informed you about home staging. Home Staging is known as the way to improve the esthetic aspects of your home. Without having to invest a lot, you can reorganize your furniture or change some pieces or colour combinations, modernize your home decoration or in the end ask an expert to take a look and give you some decoration advices. Improving the esthetical aspects of your home can make the difference of being just one more property on a website or being the eye-catcher in a property list.

Home staging is not only important for the inside living area of your house, it is also very important for your outside space. Having an outdoor terrace or garden is a highly desirable feature for any apartment unit or house, especially in urban areas where green space is in short supply. On the Costa del Sol this is double important as most buyers are looking for a sunny relaxing terrace or garden where to spend their holidays escaping  the bad weather in their countries.

Staging the terrace of your unit is one of the best ways of distinguishing your property from your competitors.

Unfortunately we sometimes visit high end property and find this kind of outdoor furniture! To be honest we have even found it inside the property used as dining room furniture.

This unattractive plastic furniture is for sure attractive pricewise and for easy cleaning, but finding this kind of furniture in a high priced property gives a touch of cheapness. There are many kinds of outdoor furniture on the market to make your outside space an elegant and comfortable ambience.

Imagine this spectacular penthouse terrace with cheap plastic furniture. Which one would you prefer to visit?

Now an example with a nice garden with mature trees and plants. Nice furniture and decoration makes it look comfortable and pleasant.  A place, where you would like to spend summer evenings.


Now imagine this terrace without furniture or with plastic furniture. Would it look as attractive? For sure not.

Investing in attractive outdoor furniture is as important as investing in indoor furniture. It makes the difference of either leaving a cheap, or an elegant impression.  If you are offering a high end property, this issue can in the end make the difference between selling your property or not.



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