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Presentation of the new Mercedes SL500 in Marbella

That our Hansa Realty office on Marbella’s Golden Mile (right next to the luxury Marbella Club Hotel) had a perfect location we knew already and that we all live here on the Costa del Sol in a wonderful area is also nothing new. But when Mercedes Germany (the manufacturer!!!) introduces his newest luxury sports car right next door to the world press you get remembered how privileged we actually are.


Mercedes Germany is introducing his new SL 500 to the world press right here in Marbella, even better, next door to our Golden Mile office in the Marbella Club Hotel. From March 6th till March 22nd about 50 journalists a day have the pleasure of test driving the new Mercedes SL 500 in the morning so they can write their articles for their magazines and / or tape their items for their TV stations.

In the afternoon the journalists are invited to drive one of the classics “SL” models Mercedes has brought in from Germany to Marbella. After an impressive day the journalists get to enjoy Marbella by night and stay in one of the leading luxury hotels of the world.

Loving his cars, our office manager Robert Christen is delighted of having the pleasure of seeing both the brand new SL 500 drive by in the morning and many famous Mercedes SL models driving by in the afternoon, right in front of his office!!!


It once more confirms how great Marbella is: Amazing weather, stunning scenery and a fantastic life!!! If an important, world wide known and respected company as Mercedes Germany chooses Marbella for the world introduction of their top model the SL 500 and invites 600 members of the world automotive press, Marbella must be offering something good!!! A wonderful car to drive during the day and enjoy Marbella by night!!!

But… They all fly back home but we all stay here and keep enjoying Marbella and the Costa del Sol, as do our home owners here!!!


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