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The security of your home is in the hands of your estate agent


When a estate agent has a client who is interested in buying or renting your home, this client will enter into the holiest, the private home. Your home will be exposed to the visit of strangers, people who want to know everything relevant about your house and have access to all your belongings at the time of the visit. But how can you be sure that the strangers who come under the pretence of buying a home have no other intentions? Who is this person who enters and receives information e.g. about your security system?

The only way of making the viewing of your home a positive thing and not end up being the open day for potential delinquents, is for the real estate agent to work professional. This means that the client who receives information, be it generic or specific information, shows the identity card or passport. Of course a estate agent can’t give you a 100% guarantee of the honesty of a viewing client, but no serious client will refuse to give this information, because if he was the owner himself, he would be grateful for the identification procedure to ensure a minimum of security. In any case the owner has the right to know who has been briefed and who has entered his home.

Make sure your estate agency requires this information from their customers and report to you who has an interest in your home.


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