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Hansa Apart Hotel sponsors the book “Creative Minds in the world of art”.

Those who know me are aware of my love for the world of art and the respect and admiration I feel for the artists. Nowadays the world of art is influenced directly or indirectly by various marketing strategies aimed at introducing emerging artists and promoting those who are already well established.

The book that I am editing, “Creative minds in the world of art”, will certainly open up new markets and will serve as a fundamental tool to promote the career of each of these creative minds.

A specialist committee will select 200 artists who will be included in the book, which will be sponsored by Hansa Apart Hotel in Regensburg (Germany), to celebrate the opening of its new art gallery in the Hotel lobby.

Each artist will have two pages allocated to him, with a short biography, photograph of the artist and of some of his works, as well as his web page or email address, instagram etc.

This book will be delivered to museums and art galleries in all the major cities of the world and will be free of charge, so that the most influential people in this sector will be able to discover the works of each one of these talented creators.

Aerial view of the New York skyline on a sunny afternoon

The task of editing, printing and formatting will be carried out by highly skilled professionals and I will personally take care of the distribution since the idea is to reach the best galleries and museums in the world.

The book will appear in July 2018 in the United States, Spain, Germany, Dubai and Argentina.

It will consist of a top quality hardback book of 420 pages, created by professionals; a special edition of 1,000 numbered copies with excellent image quality, printed in English.

If you are interested in being part of “Creative Minds”, do not hesitate to contact me via my email mariapaganini@marbellacool.com or on Facebook, www.facebook / Maria Elena Paganini, and instagram @ maria.elena.paganini.

At the moment we are accepting applications from artists who will make up the first volume and each page will explore a particular artist, whether he be a plastic artist, sculptor or photographer.


-There will be no cost to participate and no financial liability.

-Please send to mariapaganini@marbellacool.com 4 photographies in high quality of your art work.

-The book will be sponsored by Hansa Apart Hotel in its entirety, to coincide with the opening of an art gallery in the lobby of the Hotel in September 2018.

-Once the artist is selected, we will need a short biography in English (max 100 words) where each artist will explain what motivates them, their technique and/or what they want to communicate to galleries and museum directors about their work.

-Once selected the only requirement will that he buys 2 books at the price of € 90 each plus VAT; this amount will be used for distribution to galleries and museums, and for the artist himself. We will also present it to such exclusive places as art galleries or clubs where the creative arts are a “must” (Soho House NYC or Barcelona, etc.) and where my publishing company Paganini Productions S.L. will take care of the vernisagge, invitations and catering.

-The book will be printed in Spain, and it will be subject to an exhaustive quality control, printing tests, logos, covers, etc., and the design of the two pages must be approved by the artist himself.

-10 selected artists will be given the opportunity to exhibit in our gallery at www.hansa-apart-hotel.de , for free, during one month, and we will take care of their plane ticket, hotel accommodation, flyers and invitations, as well as the welcoming cocktail. The only cost for the selected artist will be the transportation of his works.

My goal is for each artist to reach the appropriate audience to succeed professionally, and to provide them with the opportunity to be noticed by experts in the sector.

This is without a doubt a great opportunity for all those creative minds out there, who make up “CREATIVE MINDS in the world of art”.

Maria Elena Paganini




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