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“La Dolce Vita & Beyond” BULGARI New York, Marbella, Puerto Banus.

by Maria Elena Paganini

A brand that has rendered female beauty immortal, from the striking beauty of Elizabeth Taylor to the charming picture of Carla Bruni.

We all love Bulgari, we all dream of possessing something with the iconic name of Italian excellence. A legacy that is more than 130 years old, with a timeless sense of exquisite beauty.

But lately Blugari has made giant steps in the world of watchmaking. Guido Terreni was the craftsman when it came to reinterpreting the classics and converting them into new icons.

Bulgari has always been recognized for its jewelry because it is what it IS. His Serpenti collection is my great weakness. The serpent, the symbol of seduction which dates back from Greek-Roman mythology, but is also associated with the Egyptian Faros and the beautiful Cleopatra, takes us on an irresistible journey through history.


This symbol of wisdom, life and eternity speaks in today’s language.


Art gives us back a piece of reality to unleash emotional earthquakes.
This year I met this talented Panamanian artist in New York. It was thanks to my friend Judy Sahagian. We were looking at some of his works and talking about the fantastic Interior Design and Lifestyle Exhibition Maison & Objet Americas. This famous Parisian exhibition took place for the second year running in the city of Miami Beach where this fantastic photographer has become recognized as one of the new “rising talents”

Javier Gomez has photographed urban architecture in a surreal and abstract way so that it
becomes universal. After decades of experience as a patron of the arts, Bulgari commissioned Gomez to create 13 images, “The light catcher”.

How do we feel when we are in front of a work of art? We enter the cathedral of Monza to find out. The 6th century is coming to an end, and we are at Queen Teodolina’s side, the wife of King Atari of Longobardi, and later Agilulfo.
We owe her everything that surrounds us: one of the most important ecclesiastical structures in Italy. The centuries pass, and we witness various transformations. In the 14th century, precious details get added on – among others, the altar and the pulpit, symbols of the imperial coronations related to Visconti’s family. The basilica that we admire today took form
in the 15th century, at the hands of the Zavattari painters.

Thanks to a complicated restoration implemented by Fondazione Gaiani, the paintings narrating Teodolinda’s story through forty -five everyday scenes come back to life. The individual expressions of the eight hundred characters of the tale are now before our eyes. A visual Kaleidoscope translated by a detail, the sixteen radu rose – windows, which reveal the profound connection between all these works: brightness and colour. We’re overcome by surprise, emotions, enchantment. Art gives us back a piece of reality to unleash emotional earthquakes. All because of a single element that is shared between the place, the works and the photographer: light.


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