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COLP-ONE “Art through Vandalism”

“I want to reach a stage where people can appreciate art wherever they see it, even in a surprising context” 


Although I exhibit in galleries, I consider myself a graffiti artist. My tools are stencils and sprays, and I am inspired by the adrenalin I feel when I paint. I like to play in my head with the design I am about to create, and then project some of my eclectic personality onto each panel or wall I work with. I love the challenge that is inherent to my art, and I love the reaction from the public that you can get when they see art on the street.
I know where I am and where I want to go – I want to reach a stage where people can appreciate art wherever they see it, even in a surprising context.
My emotions are key to everything I do – balancing the chaos of life with the need to control. My work reflects the integrity and honesty that I believe to be so essential to art.


Carlos Ovidio Lagos Paganini (COLPONE) carries Niccolo Paganini’s Artistic Talent Forward through Graffiti Art. In the same way Niccolo Paganini awed his audiences with his musical talent as his fingers moved and played, so does COLPONE with his painting talent. His graffiti art reveals the presence of great compositional skill, care and a polishing that is rare in any form of art. His is a finish that is specifically unusual in graffiti as time was never enough to linger on an illegal act.
Carlos is a street artist who is also a trouble maker; he chooses to paint graffiti on walls to build a name rather than create a sustainable business model with a brand, strong capital base and give back to society. He creates social impact particularly because he is a part of a family with a genius musician like Niccolo Paganini, and he moves the talent forward in paint format.


“Still not loving pólice COLP-ONE”

He sprays city walls with vibrant colors, oppose social injustice with visual provocation and defy the law with his artistic statements. Colpone has a rebel expression, street art is democratic. It’s not limited in that curatorial sense of how one finds art in museum.It’s a multitude of conversation being had between the public, the artist and the built environment.

“Some people become cops because they want to make the world a better place. Some people become vandals because they want to make the world a better looking place.” Bansky

COLP ONE is the dialogue, I emphasize, not a monologue.

Shahed Kavousi Expert in contemporanean Art


“COLP ONE” is a versatile artist whose work shows a balance and maturity far beyond his young age. His artistic restlessness brings him to test different themes, from the figurative to urban landscapes, creating an avant-garde atmosphere of wide contrasts and of great force of expression.
The works displayed in the Casino of Marbella in “Tribute to Picasso” remind us of those metropolitan artists who live in different cultures and the typical transformations of the large urban townships.
He is without doubt an artist with an international career and it will not take long before he enters the large international art events scene, although to a certain extent he is already involved.

Giuseppe Carnevale
Artistic Director Excellence Art Gallery & art curator





“Another of the greats is Colp One, an Argentine who has made a name for himself (and how!) in the art world of Barcelona, (known as the Ciudad Condal). His exhibition in the Background Galley left a good taste in the mouth. He presents Basquiat on a plan of New York, Brooklyn…. The omnipresent crown with three horns, and his bisexuality, shared with Warhol, and we remember that he fell into a destructive depression which brought him to his grave 12 months later.”
Jordi Barceloneta, Blogger in Barcelona, expert in urban art.


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