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Bruno y Giuseppina Filipone business leaders in the Costa del Sol

Interview by Maria Elena Paganini


Food at Da Bruno’s reflects the cultural varieties of the various regions of Italy. What is Bruno’s favourite dish?

Italian cuisine is so rich that it would be impossible for me to choose one single dish! Prosciutto, piadina, the great variety of cheeses, but I have to admit that I have a weakness for pasta. This is probably why it is one of the star products of our restaurants, fresh pasta, always prepared with natural ingredients of great quality to that you can appreciate the great taste of our dishes. It is a dish that everyone likes, from tiny tots to the older generation and which you can have with sauces, salads, fillings…………It is a pleasure for the taste buds!
Giuseppina has the soul of a cook who is at the same time mother and grandmother, the knowledge that your kitchen exudes family aromas and tastes. But apart from this you are also a great entrepreneur. How do you juggle these two roles?
Like everything in life, with a lot of effort and dedication. It is a pleasure for me to share the management of our restaurants with Bruno, since our journey to the world of hotel business started many years ago, in Germany, but I have never neglected my family role. I love to cook for my family, to create dishes with much love so we can all gather around a table. Sharing these moments with my family is a wonderful thing, something that will never cease to enchant me, no matter how much time goes by or how many restaurants we have to look after.

“La famiglia” as you say in Italian, how important is the family for you? You work as a family, you write books about eating as a family and, of course, in your five restaurants you are surrounded with families from many countries of the world.


At Da Bruno’s, the family is one of the fundamental pillars in life, just as it should be. Our loved ones give joy to life, particularly when the time comes to sit down at the dining table. It is the moment when we share our daily activities, worries and joys. That is why at Da Bruno’s it is so important to sit down and eat as a family, it is the moment when families meet and strengthen their relationships and improve the family atmosphere, something that we have always tried to reflect in every one of our restaurants.

The décor in each restaurant is very much “a la italiana”, based on high ceilings, wide spaces, strong colours, ultra classical chairs and sculptures. You still want to feel as if you were home?

The idea behind the décor of all the restaurants is to transport us to Italy. It is almost 25 years ago that we came to the Costa del Sol on holiday and we fell so much in love with this land that we decided to stay, but we have never lost contact with our roots. Nostalgia blossoms, and with every dish that we serve in the Da Bruno restaurants, and their décor, we want our customers to experience a journey to our home country, and to share with us this very special bond that unites us with our roots.

Music is of great importance to the Italians and it is also, without doubt, very important for Da Bruno. What effects have your famous musical soirées had on business?

For Da Bruno our musical soirées have become our identity card, if you like. We want our clients to enjoy the best musical ambience so that apart from tasting the various dishes offered on our menu, they will enjoy a special evening with family or friends. Being together at the dinner table is very important for us to share moments with our loved ones and to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere. That is what we want to do at Da Bruno, offer our customers a top class music show, with different types of music, so that their visit to Da Bruno’s becomes an unforgettable experience.

Apparently you are planning a very new and interesting venture in the Costa del Sol? Can you tell me about it?

We are very excited about this project. Da Bruno Italy, our future training college in the Costa del Sol; not only do we want to teach young people all about the exiting restaurant business, but we also want it to become a meeting point for traditional values, the love of food and passion for a profession, something that we at Da Bruno’s try to share, day by day, thanks to our cuisine. We want Da Bruno Italy to become a key training centre in the restaurant sector.


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