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The artist Gines Serran celebrated in Shanghai 225 exhibitions in 22 countries.


Gines, you are considered as one of the most important contemporary artist in the world, exhibiting your work in the five continents. At this moment, you are concentrated in Asia, tell us about your most recent projects?

I’m working on a few projects in Asia and the Middle East. In China, I’m sculpting a series of bronzes sculptures consigned by Megaworld. This company owns Group Fundador, Terry, Harvey’s and Emperador. I’m making now an “Emperador” with a Quadriga of horses and lions; with the pedestal, it would be 20m high.                                                                                                                                                               The Chinese government asked me to create the largest Bubbha in the world (138m high), which I will start in 2018. In Philippines, I will be making the “Jesus of Peace,” a bronze of 60m of height, two times the size of the Christ of Brazil. I just finished “Calypso,” 6 m, the nymph who according to the legend lived in Ceuta, in the Strait of Gibraltar. I’m also preparing exhibitions of my paintings in Tokyo, at the Yoshii gallery (October), and a retrospective in Miami at Nina Torres Fine Art (December).


These fantastic sculptures which illustrates these pages, where are they going to be exhibited? – In China, Philippines, Dubai, United States and Spain.



You love to sculpt, are your anthropological studies explain the love that you profess to the human body as an integral whole and the importance you give to themes related to culture…? – It does… I graduated in Anthropology in New York university and definitely anthropology has been a constant influence in my art work.

From your large sculptures of “Hercules” to the works you are making now which would be the largest in the world, what it implies to create sculptures of this scale?

– It is a challenge. We are only few artists who are able to work in sculptures of such a large scale. My two Hercules are considered today the largest sculptures of classic mythology in the world. My Jesus and the Buddha will be the largest sculptures ever made in history. I have to work with many assistants, architects and engineers. These works converted in bronze will last thousands of years.


Your work is in many museums, from the Guggenheim of New York to well known private collections, your talent is recognized worldwide, but there is something else that this great artist need to accomplish?

– Last year we celebrated in Shanghai 225 exhibitions in 22 countries but I can tell you that I always feel like at the beginning, always learning …, like a child. I have made Art my life and I’m completely dedicated to it, it is a way of life…                         There is another project that I intend to do which probably would be the most ambitious in my career, but I will tell you about it next year…

To finish this interview, I would like to know what would be your advise to young people, in this case young artists?

– To believe in yourself…, to be yourself…,to express your life…, to create with no fear…, to work very hard to make out of your dreams a reality… I’m obsessed with Peace …, I don’t believe in geographical borders…. I think that we are a Big Family (humans, animals, plants …), sharing the same air and water in this planet. And regardless of our differences we are only One Family and we should respect each other and live in harmony. Art is to me a way to create a better world.


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