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The world of haute cuisine is undoubtedly one of the crowning glories of Marbella. The resort town offers a selection of fine dining restaurants to satisfy the appetites of the most discerning diners—and it is a significant attraction to visitors searching for the finer things in life.

In recognition of this and in a bid to maximise the benefit of Marbella’s gourmet tradition, representatives from the food industry are coming together in an initiative dubbed ‘Marbella All Stars’ to promote the area’s reputation for offering excellence with the highest level of culinary expertise.

To this end, chefs, restaurateurs, hotel owners, food wholesalers, agricultural producers and even shopping centres and golf courses are getting together with the aim highlighting Marbella as an ‘international benchmark for haute cuisine.’

The first event for the Marbella All Stars is a breakfast networking meeting on the theme of High Gastronomy and Luxury Tourism, which will be held at the five-star Hotel Los Monteros on June 6th—although preceding it there was a press conference launch at the Michelin starred El Lago restaurant in Elviria Hills on May 25th.

Among the founding members of Marbella All Stars are the director and the chef of El Lago, Paco García and Diego del Río; Fernando Al-Farkh García, Director General of Hotel Los Monteros—the resort’s El Corzo was the first hotel restaurant in Spain to be awarded a Michelin star—the founder and commercial director of upmarket green grocer Frutas y Verduras Eladio, Eladio Fernández and Sergio Rueda, which supplies high quality fruit and vegetables to the gourmet food sector.

María Asenjo and Ángel Marco from media company Oak Power, who brought worldwide attention to Marbella by organising the presentation of the latest edition of the Michelin Guide in the town, are also involved, as is respected chef Aitor Perurena from Marbella’s 1870 restaurant.

This initiative is in keeping with the town council’s stated aim of strengthening Marbella’s position at the top end of the luxury tourism sector. Catering is seen as very important in this, with Marbella’s four Michelin starred restaurants leading the way in keeping standards at the highest level.


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