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In recent years so called ‘alternative investments’ have come into their own as people looking to diversify their portfolios have cast around for options to traditional stocks and shares when looking to acquire assets and find a home for their money.

Marbella PropertyIn fact, investments such as classic cars, art and wine have increasingly seen interest from smaller investors too, despite their image as the preserve of the wealthy. Indeed luxury assets, as they are known, have been showing significant returns.

Star performers over ten years have been classic cars, with the Historic Automobile Group’s (HAGI) Top Index showing growth approaching 490%; 2015 alone accounted for a 16.57 per cent rise! While Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches and other super cars have made headline figures running into the millions, the classic car market is accessible at the lower end as well, and has also seen profitable gains attainable.

The market for wines has long been known as an alternative investment for those in the know—although here specialist market knowledge is crucial and the potential for falling victim to fraudsters is always there. Having said that, good returns are possible, with the wine market outperforming the FTSE 100 in the first 13 years of the millennium according to the Liv-Ex Index.

A perennial favourite is the world of coins and stamps. For example, Stanley Gibbons Investment’s GB250 figures have shown an annual compound growth rate of 11.96% over the past 12 years. Gold and fine gems are also viewed as a safe haven in times of economic turbulence and have at times experienced excellent growth.

But all these investments have one thing in common—although the trend for prices over the medium to long term has been up, there have been periods when prices have fallen sharply, so it is important to choose the time to invest wisely.

It could be said that the same applies when investing in a property, but real estate does offer several advantages in the long term—it not only encompasses the scope for capital growth but has a major gain over other ‘alternative’ investments in that it offers the potential for income as well.

This is important as all the above listed options have ongoing costs associated with them. Cars should be securely garaged and maintained; wines need to be kept in a controlled environment; coins, stamps, gold and jewellery must be held in a safe location. Not only does this cost money, but there is no income from such assets to help mitigate against expenses. Your money is tied up and earns nothing on a day-to-day basis, while property also offers uso fructo in the true sense of the word.

Property investment potential in Marbella

Marbella property investementOn the other hand, while there are maintenance and insurance costs associated with property too, the reality of a rental income can be the main attraction of the investment—the possibility of capital growth can be seen as a very welcome bonus. With the volatility being experienced in the main stock markets at the moment, bricks and mortar is becoming ever more attractive as an investment, particularly in Spain. Real estate here is looking good value to international investors, who see a market on an upward gradient and a relatively weak Euro offering the chance of future gains on exchange rates as well.

Hansa Realty has many years experience of matching investors to properties with the potential for capital growth and good rental returns. Should you be looking for such real estate in Marbella please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.


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