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Whether you have just moved to Marbella, have lived in the area your whole life, or are on a winter holiday it is important to familiarise yourself with the health care service available in the local area—after all, you never know when you might have need of it.HEALTHCARE, Hansa Realty

Now is the perfect time to think about giving your body some TLC with a comprehensive check-up to make sure you are prepared for the cooler months ahead. Although Marbella offers mild winter temperatures, the season can be testing on even the healthiest of people. Illnesses such as the cold, influenza, viruses and other bugs tend to spring to life in winter and vaccinations such as that for flu are just as important to consider in Spain as they are in colder countries.

No one wants to ruin the festive season by being ill, especially not in Marbella—where there are lots of Christmas activities and events happening over the festive season, so make sure you don’t miss out on them!

Private Medical Care in Marbella

Marbella is lucky to be home to a wide selection of first-class health care facilities. Not only does the area have the well regarded public Costa del Sol Hospital, but it also benefits from a selection of private clinics, most of which offers their services in a variety of languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish and French.

If you are thinking about relocating to the area it is important to think about private health care insurance, which gives you access to a full range of services from check-ups and blood tests to X-rays, operations and hospital stays. Sanitas, Caser Seguros and Adesla are among the more popular private health insurance providers along the Coast.

Private Clinics in Marbella

We have put together a list of private hospitals and clinics in the Marbella area so that you can familiarise yourself with which one is closest to your home—helping to give you peace of mind this winter.

HC Marbella International Hospital
Contact: 952 908 628

Quirón Hospital
Contact: 952 774 200

Clinica Ochoa
Contact: 952 861 400

Clinica Premium
Contact :952 865 856

Crema Hospital
Contact: 952 899 350

Helicopteros Sanitarios (Home doctor service)
Contact: 952 811 818

Vithas Xanit
Contact: 952 477 310


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