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With the price of property on the rise and sales figures also up, it is becoming clear that a recovery in the Spanish real estate market is well under way. Latest figures from the Spanish Land Registry College show that during the second quarter of 2015, average property prices in Spain rose 5.1 per cent year-on-year and sales were up 11 per cent to 87,187 in the same period.

hansa apartamentos, hansa realtyAndalucía, led by hotspots such as Marbella and other Costa del Sol resort towns, showed the way, with 17,751 properties sold, followed by Cataluña (13,228) and the Valencia region (12,760). The above has led to increasing optimism among industry professionals and forecasts from commentators such as Standard and Poor’s (S&P) analysts that a sustainable upturn in the Spanish property market has started.

Property bargains on the Costa del Sol

As the national real estate sector confirms its recovery, so the property market on the Costa del Sol is consolidating strong growth that first took root in 2013. We decided to look at some of the factors that make now the right time to buy a property on the Costa del Sol.

  1. Bargains to be had: Despite the recovery in the market that has been particularly evident over the past two to three years in the luxury property sector in Marbella, prices are still far below the peak of 2007.
  1. Availability of finance: With banks now on a much firmer footing, affordable mortgages at historically low rates of interest are becoming much more widely accessible.
  1. Booming tourist trade: With record numbers of people visiting Spain, the prospect of rental income from a second home in popular areas such as the Costa del Sol is an important factor in making the region’s property more attractive. This leads on to…
  1. Investment potential: With low performance in the stock markets and low interest rates on deposit funds, the prospect of a rental return of around 3.5 per cent on property, plus capital gains is a tempting reason to buy real estate in Marbella and the other Costa del Sol towns.
  1. Location: The region benefits from the best climate in Europe, but is within easy reach of Northern European nations. The frequent flights to Málaga-Costa del Sol airport from major markets such as Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, France, the Netherlands and Belgium make a weekend break in a Marbella second home a feasible option. The same cannot be said for destinations like Dubai.hansa sales, hansa realty

Add in other traditional attractions of the region, from its gastronomy and culture to sports facilities and health care, and it is plain that owning a villa or apartment in Marbella will always be an attractive prospect—and a sound long-term investment.

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