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Summer fit for Costa del Sol Beaches

Yep its that time of year again where clothes tend to be shed and those extra few pounds gained over Xmas and the New year have to be tackled in time for the expose on the beach.  There is no need to panic though as there are many healthy and fun ways to do this as we realize that there is no one size fits all scenario when it comes to exercise.

It is important to know that along with eating a well balanced diet it’s also wise not to overdo the alcohol and smoking, or any other bad habit you may have picked up.  Getting fit is only part of being healthy, let’s be logical here.

With this in mind, there are numerous ways to accomplish this with an exercise routine that will suit your individuality.  Keeping it fun, means keeping it going.

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Whatever You’re Doing Do It Early…

It’s been noted now that if you want to see speed results in your exercise routine, then the earlier you do it after rising, the better.  The exercise is meant to get your blood pumping and speed up your metabolism, getting it ready for the rest of the day.  The earlier you can speed it up, the more efficient at burning the fat off your body will be and the less effort will be needed by you, compared to a later time of the day.  So give it a head start and start early as often as possible.

HITT or High Intensity Interval Training:  Cardio workout is probably the quickest way it seems if you need to lose those all important pounds in time for stepping onto the beaches.  This type of exercise is also a very healthy and equally beneficial alternative to the long and drawn out struggle of an intensive workout but is equally as effective.  Feel the short burn but not the days of pain that overdoing your workout used to bring.

Its all about raising the heart rate at short and intense intervals, thus supplying the muscles with oxygenated blood that make them work harder and better but will not put you at risk of overdoing it.  Just remember with this type of workout, all the individual fatty areas of the body will need to be individually targeted eg, legs, bottom, abs and arms with:

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Resistance Training
  • Lateral Plank
  • Push Ups
  • Long Jumps

This is a much gentler way to introduce your body to becoming fit, as resting after short, intensive bursts of energy are just as important and just as effective as the training itself.  Also doing these exercises on the sand will give that added resistance you will need.

When done correctly and for a few times a week, you will see improved and rapid results so it will all be worth it in the end


Is a wonderful all rounder, one which you don’t necessarily have to target certain areas as they all get a pretty good workout just by swimming alone.  However you can incorporate some aqua aerobics into the mix to speed up your metabolism and the weight loss process.

This kind of exercise is also good for any age and if you have any minor ailments, arthritis back problems etc, as the water will support your weight equally.


Its not all about tying yourself into knots and chanting OM you know.  Yoga is a fantastic and fun way to lose the pounds while keeping your body and mind in total balance.  There will be different levels of course, so you can go from very gentle to intensive, however they will all be extremely beneficial to the body.  Once you have perfected the art, this is one of the best ways to maintain an overall healthy and balanced demeanor.  Plus you can pretty much do it anywhere you want…Ok maybe not in the washing powder aisle of the supermarket but you know what I mean.

Yoga is all about looking after the body and mind together, so eating well, being positive and centred, along with mental health will all be considered.  There’s nothing like feeling good on the inside, to help you look good on the outside…Oh and be prepared to notice muscles you never knew you existed before!

For a more intensive workout from the start you could consider some Pilates, which will combine both yoga techniques with resistance training, giving you quite the full on workout you are looking for.


Can give you a great cardiovascular workout and depending on the terrain and speed you choose you can make it gentle or as difficult as you need it to be.  It will give a generous boost to your metabolism though.  Just don’t overdo at first as you will still need your legs once you get off the bike.

There are lots of beachfront promenade and walkways that you can use to cycle on, lots of people chose to get around the costa this way and its a great way to maintain your fitness and health once you reach your chosen target.  Just be aware that people like to walk here too, be polite and mind where you are going.


The thing about the Costa del Sol and getting fit is that now there are so many beaches with outdoor gym facilities, so you can do your thing in the cool sea breeze and on the sand which acts as a great tool when used in resistance training.

How nice to be able to do your workout whilst outdoors on the beach, with the sea waiting for you to dive in when you’re finished.

There are many of these outdoor gyms, dotted along the coastline where Hansa Realty  have many of their beachfront properties, including Marbella Golden Mile.  However these outdoor gyms can be found in villages, paseos and inland areas too, so there will always be one close by to a Hansa Realty property.

Go get beach fit!


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