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Get a Great Garden Anywhere on the Costa del Sol

Buying a Dream Home in Marbella

The property marketing in Marbella and surrounding Costa del Sol has stabilized; estate agents in Marbella like Hansa-Realty couldn’t be happier with that bit of news. Of course, the news is great for many across the South of Spain, and everyday foreign investors still turn to the Costa del Sol for property investments. Finding your dream home at affordable costs is only possible right NOW; it won’t be long until the property prices reach their peak. So, before settling for just any deal, have a look at some of Hansa-Realty’s featured Marbella properties for sale.

Gardening in your new marbella home

Gardening on the Costa del Sol – Easier than you Think

Growing plants and getting a great looking garden in the Costa del Sol is probably easier than in most other places that do not get enough annual sunshine.  Therefore as long as you are tending to your plants regularly you can pretty much leave it to the suns rays to do the rest for you.  It is important though before planting anything that you take into consideration the (a clay type) of soil that is around Andalucia and work with that in mind.  However garden centres will be full of plants and flowers that are already suited to the area.

Charlie Monk, a professional gardener in Marbella states that “Here in Spain, with good soil, good irrigation and the sun, we can pretty much grow anything. If you can get these three things correct, your garden will thrive.

So what type of garden will you have?  This depends a lot on where you live and what type of accommodation you have.  Someone in a Villa type property will have something completely different to someone who lives in a middle floor apartment, where you will have to adapt your garden to suit your surroundings.  Saying this, it is not impossible for you to have a lovely and thriving garden regardless of where you are.

Patio Planters can be used for almost anywhere, whether you are on the coast in a townhouse, apartment or inland in a villa.  As long as you find the right type of compost for your plant, tree or shrub, there shouldn’t be too many problems here.  The climate is your best friend in the Costa del sol when growing your favourite plants, just remember that when watering anything here do not do it in the midday sun or at the really hot times of the day, especially on plants or flowers with delicate leaves of they will scorch and you will lose them.  Not great after all your hard work.

Vertical climbers may be more suited to building that are detached from others as they do exactly what they say on the tin and you may find them invading your neighbours homes too.  It is very important to take into consideration that if you are on the coast, the temperature is more equally based and not too extreme either way, however the more inland you are, can get much hotter in the summer months and colder in the winter too.  In these cases you will have to look out for the problems like frost in winter and adapt to them.  Consider too, if you have a beachfront property, that salt spray from coastal winds can also cause you problems.

The types of plants that are most prevalent on the Costa del Sol would be hibiscus, jasmine, begonia, cacti, bougainvillea oleander succulents and cypresses all of which grow practically everywhere here.  Imagine a scented flowered pagoda and walkway, leading into your chill out area in the garden where the fruit tree with your hammock lies.  Sounds good.

It is also a good idea to have certain types of flowers and fruit around, as they attract the kinds of insects that will pollinate your plants too.  Animals and plants in total harmony will add to your garden experience.

Fruit and Veg.  One of the absolute best things about living in Spain is that you can grow your own fruit and vegetables quite successfully and with minimum fuss and effort, as you would in wetter countries.  There is no better experience for a gardener, than to taste the fruits (or veggies) of their own labour and there is no better flavour than home grown, in the hot sun ripened food.

This can be achieved on most premises as pots, containers and raised beds may be an option, if you don’t have a big garden that you can freely dig. Fruit trees can be purchased in most garden centres and will grow very well in pots also.

The most fertile and cultivated vegetables here would be tomatoes, melons and squashes, which would be more suitable for summer. Mangetout and sugar snap peas will grow in winter and greens like asparagus, broad beans and broccoli would be better in the spring. Lettuce, rocket and spinach will grow all year round. You can add any kind of herbs you like as you can grow pretty much any one (and you will need them in your recipes!).

If you are short on space or only have a small dwelling or apartment type property then maybe window boxes or hanging baskets would be more suitable.  If the Old Town of Marbella is anything to go by you can really make this work in your favour.  They have some striking and gorgeous looking arrangements there, from potted plants outside shops, around open seated areas and climbers on townhouses to vibrant flowers that drape over balconies like rainbow coloured waterfalls.  So beautiful and really makes the area come alive in a natural and organic way.

Wherever you are living or are thinking of living, don’t worry too much about the trials of the garden as there won’t be too many.  There will however be plenty for you to enjoy getting started and loads of happy hours spent in your fabulous new surroundings.

Go get your green fingers!


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