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Job Opportunities on the Costa del Sol

Job Opportunities on the Costa del Sol

Job Opportunities on the Costa del Sol

Spain has had the reputation of being a poor place to find employment for many years now, but does it deserve such a bad name for unemployment and low pay.  With other countries, not too far behind, we forget that jobs anywhere can be found as long as you are willing to do the work and even though the work may not pay as much in Spain in general, the cost of living is definitely lower so it balances out.

There is a lot of difference when looking for unskilled and skilled work as you will find that skilled work will offer a increased wage package.  Let’s take a look at some of the current career opportunities available around the Costa del Sol…


TEFL teachers are the most sought after English Teachers on the Spanish Coast.  English teaching jobs were easily had back in the day, however now they have become more specialized and require the person to have the necessary teaching qualifications and skills.  This is where TEFL are top of the game as they have the most certified teachers available for work in foreign countries.  Spain is always open to more English Teachers, so go for it.

Bar Work

Especially around the coastal areas where tourism is prevalent, bar work is probably one of the mostly available jobs on offer. Marbella is very busy all year round as is, Mijas and Estepona so jobs would be more widely available in these areas and would also bring opportunities into more skilled areas like mixing cocktails and positions such as head bar person.


Like bar work, waitressing can have an understated title as with both jobs they take a lot of skill and a lot of graft to do them well.  If you stick to waitressing and learn all the different aspects of the job, it may well pay off bringing opportunities for front of house positions in the future, making it a more lucrative career move.


So many hotels, so many bars and so many restaurants that all need qualified and experienced catering staff in their kitchens.  Where would anyone be in Spain if the people in the kitchen weren’t doing their thing?


Now with Hotels in mind, Reception work is also required around the Costa del Sol and if hotel work is top of your list then to work at the desk is a very important role in the running and efficiency of it.  It would be suggestable to learn as much Spanish as you can as its usually required of a receptionist to be bilingual.

IT/Computer Work

Anything involving computer work is considered specialist pretty much anywhere in the world and in Spain and the Costa del Sol is no exception.  There are many jobs to be found in these areas and the wages are usually higher depending on the job role and the skill set.

It is actually one of the best places to find IT and computer employment as it suits potential employers and employees alike as many can work from home.  Jobs that come under this title include:

  • Website developers,
  • SEO specialists,
  • Digital Marketing,
  • Data Input,
  • IT Sales
  • Java and Javascript Developers and Experts
  • Project Managers
  • Software Developers

Renewable Energy Employment

The renewable energy sector has been growing at a massive rate since 2007 and continues to advance due to increased developments in thermal, biomass and solar energy companies.  This is great news for anyone looking for employment in these sectors, are they are now such an integral part of Spanish life and are not going anywhere but are expected to grow much bigger and better over the coming years.

Golf Jobs

If Golf is your bag then you don’t need to look very far to find suitable employment in Spain, due to its array of golf resorts and courses that are dotted along the whole of the Costa del Sol.  You can teach other how to play, be the best caddie in the business or help out around the clubhouse.


This is another area that is usually very busy where people looking to find nannies or childminders.  If you are qualified in these areas then it shouldn’t be long before you find a job and a family that suits you well.


With the music scene being alive and kicking all over the Costa del Sol, then you cannot go wrong if you are a musician or singer or both.  There are so many places where entertainment work can be found for you and your band or if you are a DJ or an events organizer.  There are also lots of festivals, parties and events where your particular skills may be required.


With so many of the rich and famous visiting the Costa, especially areas like Marbella and Puerto Banus, security will be high on the agenda, as will be the wages for a job well doneJobs like security or body guards and bouncers in clubs will be necessary for these employers to find.

When coming to Spain to look for employment it is important that you do a little homework first.  Check out what is available, in what areas and which ones are most suitable to you.  Then go for it!




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