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No More Costa Del Crime in Spain

No More Costa del Crime in Spain

No More Costa Del Crime in Spain

Yes we’ve all heard the stories of how Spain is a safe haven for criminals wanting to escape the clutches of other countries.  The UK it seems has had its fair share of crooks and criminals looking for the Costas in order to hide out.  However this is now a thing of the past and long gone are the times when Spain could be looked to as a get out of jail free pass.

To be perfectly honest Spain has had a bad reputation for high crime rates but for no good reason really, as it has always been a pretty safe place to come when in comparison to other countries.  There may have been an opening of the door and a slightly blinkered doorman around the end of the 70’s to mid 80’s when expats found it easy to slip past the authorities and out of a bad situation.  However now is a very different story.

Spain is actually bringing in new laws to establish links with the UK, in a major crackdown on criminality between the borders of the two countries.  Inspector Olga Lizana, head of the Spanish national police fugitives unit says that any British criminals living in Spain should “leave the country” because they would be found. “This is not a good place for them to come any more,” she said. “This is not a safe place for criminals any more. I think we are doing a great job with the British authorities. They have to be aware we are working together.”

The figures for 2014 show that crime on the whole was down by 4.3% and theft which included physical assault was down 18.4%

The crime rates in Spain have been on the decrease in all honesty and figures show that last year crime was 4.46 per 100 inhabitants, or a total of 1.587 million compared to last year’s 1.659 million offences, based upon figures at the end of September 2014.  This includes all crime, even civil offences like insulting an officer and refusing to be breathalysed.

Andalucia has seen a massive drop in crime over the last year by a significant 20,000 offences or 6.9% between Jan and Sept 2014 in comparison to the figures in the previous year.  These figure cannot be ignored and can and will actually give credence to Spain’s new approach to criminal activity.

Jason Coghlan, is a former armed robber, who served time in a prison in Alhaurin, Marbella and who now has his own law firm JaCogLaw, who help expats obtain proper legal representation.  Jason states personally that Spain is no longer the place to come if looking to hide out from the law.  He says “If you’re a villain on the run in Spain, you’re just in a queue waiting to get nicked. What a lot of them don’t realise is that the Spanish police can even trace where your emails are coming from. Being on the run is no life – and it’s no life for the family of someone on the run. Some of them think that, with the passage of time, their sentences will be reduced. But the sentences don’t go away.”

I think this along with the countries new laws and regulations should make people coming here, either for their holidays or to buy property, instantly feel a lot safer.  Even though there are bound to be areas where you would have to take precautions, every largely populated place has them, on the whole, the Costa del Sol is generally a safe place to be.

Some of the most safer places to be would be would be more inland and away from the built up areas or the main cities.  This would be the way it is in most countries, just common sense really that more people per capita equals more chances of criminal activity.

However Spain in general has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe since 2006, according to figures released from the Spanish Interior Ministry.  In the major cities it is often crimes like petty theft like handbag snatching or from cars that seem to be the overall majority.  So to be sensible with your belongings would be advised.  However as far as major crime is concerned there is no reason to be overly worried.

There you have it, there are many reason to be cheerful when considering Spain as your holiday or home destination.  One less thing to have to worry about and a major concern off your mind, that Spain is safer than many other countries when it comes to crime.  No more Costa del Crime.


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