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Springtime on the Costa del Sol

Springtime on the Costa del Sol

Almond Blossom, Andalucía

Springtime on the Costa del Sol

It is a magical time of year anyway but springtime on the coastline of the Costa del Sol is an inspirational time of year. Not only because nature is doing her mesmerising dance of colours and smells but also because it stirs the senses into action, makes you ready for anything.  The sun comes back to life and warms your weary soul, waking you up to all possibilities and getting you ready to take on life again after the snooze of winter.

Life here on the Costa del Sol around this time, just as in nature starts to buzz again.  There is a gentle hum of activity that has been slow to stir but begins to bubble with excitement and anticipation once more.  It’s a fantastic time to be a part of this wonderful side of Spain, where shutters open, doors unlock, windbreakers come down in agreement of the welcoming sunshine and warmth of the days to come.

There is so much to do here at this time of year; the Costa del Sol comes alive with spirit and enterprise.  It’s impossible to be bored. There is a saying only boring people get bored!

What with the many bars, cafe’s, restaurants, music, water sports, golf, tennis and music, to name but a few, you are never lost for choice.  There are so many other activities to get involved in too, like horse riding, aqua parks (yes, they’re not just for the kids,) museums, galleries, architecture, dancing, concerts, shopping, dolphin park, eco park, marinas, sealife park, bio park…sorry I have to take a breath here…As you see, too many to put into words in one blog that’s for sure.

This is why southern Spain and in particular certain areas like Marbella are so popular with people looking into buying properties in Costa del Sol.  It is very attractive to all who see her in all her glory but in particular to ones who are looking to invest in luxury property and real estate in Marbella and who are looking to buy a second home on the Costa del Sol.

Springtime on the Costa del Sol

‘Wherever you are, be all there.’ Jim Elliot Costa del Sol in Springtime

The springtime coming this year is an exceptional and very special one and should be even more exciting and even more prosperous for those who are looking into Marbella property for sale, as 2015 is set to be the year in which Spain makes a startling recovery after the long and painful recession of years gone before.  No more struggling for Spanish economy, it is on the rise as the property market is starting to reach its potential again and there has been no better time than now to look for real estate in Marbella.

This is just fantastic news for anyone wanting to take on a possible second home, holiday home, villa or any type of luxury property for sale in Marbella.  The area does boast some of the best property locations on the Costa del Sol, make no mistake!  They are as colourful, functional, lively and beautiful as springtime herself.  With everything you need for living the life you desire.

Springtime on the Costa del Sol

So just like the springtime here on the Costa del Sol, opportunities in property investment are coming to life and growing from strength to strength also, and it’s just getting started.  It will be boundless and bountiful and resemble the grass and flowers of the field.

BBVA, Spain’s second biggest bank states that 2014 was the year that the Spanish housing market bottomed out and that 2015 is the year in which recovery will be seen to be made again. The only way is up now for Spain as property prices all over the Costa del Sol are at an all time low and real estate companies like Hansa welcome the happy news.

Euribor, the rate used for Spanish mortgage interest payments, gave a significant drop to 0.298% in January.  This is the lowest rate on record to date and 47% lower than just under a year ago.  Spain is on its way back up and is fighting fit and ready to take on anything again!

Gustavo Martínez, an analyst at XTB traders stated that “Thanks to the combination of very low interest rates together with massive injections of cash we could say that this is the best moment in decades to apply for a mortgage, he also states that “Cheaper and easier credit will mean banks lower their spreads above Euribor as they compete for the best clients.”

So not only is Springtime a great time to be here on the Costa del Sol but this coming Springtime may be the best time for you to be here too, striking while the iron is hot and making arrangements  towards owning your own property in Marbella.  Get into real estate in 2015 and onto the property ladder, make it happen in these exciting times of recovery and advancement.  The market will indeed be wide open to welcoming new and improved living and new beginnings all around.

Like the blossoming of Springtime, the Costa del Sol will dance with life and bring song and inspiration to her shores once more.

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