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We completely understand that sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are quite welcomed to the Costa del Sol as expats; however, we shouldn’t let a few bad apples spoil the whole bunch! One individual who wants you to know that you matter is the Mayor of Marbella.

Do I need to speak spanish on the costa del sol

This week, the Marbella councillor for Tourism and Foreign Residents repeated the Mayors calls for expats to register on the ‘padron’, and help make Marbella a better place for all of us. Last week, Mayor Angeles Muñoz’s stated that expats should have their say in local elections, and rightfully so. The fact of the matter is your point of view matters just as much as a citizens. You pay into the system as well, and it’s once again that age old adage we’ve all grown accustomed to – if you pay your taxes you need to be heard.

This week, it was Councillor Jose Luis Hernandez who reiterated Mayor Angeles Muñoz’s comments and he has stressed his personal belief that the expat community on the Costa del Sol is extremely important to the future of the region.

“The big problem we have at the moment is that so many expats have integrated perfectly into the community and Spanish society as a whole, but some don’t realise that they also have the right to vote and have a say in the future of their communities,” – Mr Hernandez told the Euro Weekly.

More or less the message is straightforward and simple, expats have contributed to this great city and the Costa del Sol in general. Expats play a vital role in the recovery of Spain; thanks to tourists and to those residents who have a second home here in Spain, many have found employment and surrounding areas continue to flourish. It’s nice to know that the Mayor sees this for what it truly is.

Councillor Jose Luis Hernandez is urging as many expats as possible to register to vote before the deadline on December 30.

“The more people that are registered with the town hall means the more money that Marbella receives from the government,” he said.

He says there would be more money available to invest into the things that really matter to us in Marbella and the Costa del Sol. Things like health services, schools, public works, numbers of taxis, police, and many other important social and economic issues. As expats in the community, you have every right to make things better by taking part. At the end of the day if the quality of life is improved you’ve really got nothing left to lose.

 “The message we want to get across is to register and to have your say,” he said. “Together we can improve all our communities, which will enrich the area as a whole.”


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