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It’s a Hansa Christmas – 2014 in Review

Despite the lack of snow, Marbella and the Costa del Sol is a rather unique place to be during Christmas. Christmas in Marbella doesn’t hold back, colourful lights line the streets of Marbella, and people just seem much happier.

Marbella Christmas

Marbella is ready for Christmas!

What does 2015 hold for Marbella?

Christmas is only a few days away, it’s hard to believe that another year is coming to a close on the Costa del Sol; another thing to get more excited about is how we all survived another year on the Costa del Sol! However, this past year was exceptional and it seems like we are on a path ever forward instead of falling back on tough times. The stats don’t lie, the Costa del Sol was predicted to make the ultimate come-back, and as we can attest to…it certainly did!

Since 2012, even though it went un-noticed, the property market and tourism seemed to rise steadily; however, because Spain fell on some tough times, it was rather difficult to keep optimistic. By 2013 the world was reporting that Spain pulled out of a two-year recession, much to the delight of real estate agents everywhere!

The property market in Marbella and overall property investments on the Costa del Sol did something un-expected as well, it edged closer and closer into a positive territory. Thanks to improved confidence in the economy, and readily available financing Spain’s property market recovery is well on its way in 2015.

“The summer months saw a recovery in the country’s property market with some seeing sales increase by 8.8% in June compared with the same month in 2013. Lending also increased, up by 19% in June 2014 compared with June 2013 and there was also a slight rise in prices which saw a 1% increase in the second quarter of 2104, the first quarterly rise for six years.”

— Property Wire
Summer 2014 was absolutely amazing, there is simply no better way to describe it. The South of Spain especially was the landing point for eager travellers everywhere. Things just keep on getting better and better!

The Calahonda Paseo

After several years of planning, we finally saw some amazing results for the Costa del Sol’s paseo. The paseo between La Cala de Mijas and Cabopinois is almost complete. This project aims to make the coast more attractive to tourists; and to help protect the coast from natural erosion.


The emphasis has been to use natural materials where possible, with 55% consisting of wooden walkways, and 13 % pressed concrete and compacted clay. The building work has been constructed in two phases. The first involved the construction of a path between La Cala de Mijas and El Juncal beach restaurant in Riviera del Sol, which involves a distance of 3,073 metres; and the second will be from El Capricho to Calahonda Royale, a distance of 1,334 metres.


More good news came for expats involving the Inheritance Tax in Spain – Everyone is eqaul in Marbella!

Then of course there was news about the Costa del Sol environmental development.

Yes it’s true, all the good news in 2014 will be missed, but we are positive 2015 will hold even better news for Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

Happy New Year to you and your family from everyone here at Hansa Realty!





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