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Spanish On The Costa del Sol?

Do I Need To Speak Spanish On The Costa del Sol?

Brits Abroad!

The Costa del Sol is one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations, where you will find a lot of people fluent in several different languages. Languages include, but not an exhaustive list is:


  • English
  • French
  • German
  • ItalianDo I need to speak Spanish on the costa del sol
  • Norwegian
  • Japanese

It just shows the diversity of language on the coast and its international flavour.

On the Costa, there is a flourishing, self sufficient British ‘way of life’, where you can find many things British – Sunday roasts, curry houses, fish and chips, all served in British establishments. You can watch British films at the cinema, there are British estate agents, lawyers, accountants and financial advisors. Do I need to speak Spanish on the Costa del Sol?

There are British schools with British teachers, following the UK curriculum. You can get UK TV and UK radio stations. UK national papers are printed in Spain, and are widely available. British supermarkets, such as Iceland, stock British food. Almost everything is translated, from ticket machines to ATM’s. Funerals are even British, and the Costa even has a British cemetery! If you are planning on driving and owning a car, you do not even need to know Spanish, as you will find a number of British car mechanics along the Costa.

The Benefits of Learning Spanish 

Medical Care

It is not always guaranteed, even on the Costa del Sol, that your doctor speaks English. This is where speaking Spanish can help, particularly if it you are having any long term medical issues. There are a number of state hospitals along the Costa, that speak different languages, and of course there are a number of private medical health services available, such as Helicopteros Sanitarios. However, whilst knowing the language is important here, you can always take along somebody who is fluent in Spanish.


It can be too easy not to learn Spanish, as there are around one million British expats living in Spain, the majority residing on the Costa del Sol. A lot of people do not bother to integrate, and only make English friends, and going to English bars and restaurants. 

It is very important to integrate and for this you need to speak Spanish. That way you will become immersed in Spanish culture, and this will open up new opportunities, as well as having the best of both worlds. Once you have learned Spanish, you can begin to make friends with your Spanish neighbours, get to know the Spanish way of life, customs and start to converse and form friendships with Spanish people.

Learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol

Do I need to speak spanish on the costa del sol


Learning Spanish on the Costa del Sol is easy, as there are a wide range of excellent language schools on the Costa Del Sol, these include:

Marbella Study Centre

Offers all different levels of courses, and exams include Cambridge ESOL, Young Learners examinations, KET, PET, etc.

International Language School

Provides the course Spanish for foreigners, and has accommodation for students. They have a number of establishments situated in Marbella, San Pedro, Nueva Andalucía and Estepona.

Lingua Malacitana

Located in Malaga, they offer Spanish language courses for foreigners. They run private classes, and small groups for all levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced). You can gain the Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language (D.E.L.E).

The Language House

Located in San Pedro, this practical language school has a hands on approach to learning Spanish. You will learn how to speak Spanish in a friendly and professional environment. They have native teachers, and offer intensive and part-time courses for adults and children.

A quick search on the internet and you will find a number of language schools in your local area where you can choose to learn in small groups or one to one

Taking all this in to account, the average British person arriving on the Costa del Sol, do not need to speak Spanish. Although it goes without saying that having knowledge of Spanish is useful, as beyond the tourist areas, many local people tend not to speak foreign languages.

If you are looking to integrate, this is where learning the Spanish language really counts, as you will be able to have access to the Spanish way of life. Also when it comes to medical care and bureaucratic necessities, such as opening a bank account, obtaining residency, and other legal requirements, then knowledge of the language certainly helps.


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