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Top things to see and do in Marbella this summer

It´s almost hard to believe, but once again, summer is knocking on our door and is ready to shine its sunny smile on the Costa del Sol. With summer comes a drove of tourists, many excited to simply laze on the beautiful blue flag beaches of Marbella.

Visit Marbella this Summer with Hansa Realty

Marbella is Trending

The majority of these European tourists already know the ins and outs of Marbella and the Costa del Sol; they are “old pros”, many of which own luxury property in Marbella or holiday homes. However, and much to our delight, Marbella is defiantly trending when it comes to a top vacation destination choice. The glamour and glitz that is Marbella has got people´s attention, and this year, the tourists are expected to almost double.
The next question is obvious – what is there to see and do in Marbella besides spending the day at the beach? Let us assure you there is plenty to do and see, and we warn you; if you only plan to visit Marbella this summer for a long weekend or even a week – there is no way you will have time to even break the surface!

Must See´s and Do´s in Marbella

The truth of the matter is Hansa Realty wouldn´t have an office in Marbella if we didn´t feel a special connection to the city. Marbella is appealing in so many ways, and it´s main attractions are famous the world over. When it comes to the economy, it stands alone in all of Andalucía because it has its very own “micro economy” – this means that Marbella alone might just carry Spain out of the recession.

So, what´s there to see and do in Marbella? We´ve compiled a great list to keep you occupied again and again, each time you visit. Believe us, once you “go Marbella”, chances are you´ll be back for more!

Marbella Old Town – Must See

See Old Town Marbella

Marbella´s deep rooted culture starts in the elegant and very charming Old Town. The picturesque Castilian renaissance square at Plaza de los Naranjos deserves, at the very least, a leisurely stroll.
Literally situated in the bustling city of Marbella, you will marvel at its historical surroundings, which is in close proximity to the modernised Marbella. There are several restaurants to choose from, serving traditional foods; plenty of cafes where you can sit el fresco under the shade of orange trees, and a number of souvenir shops to purchase special items that mark the occasion of your visit.

Puerto Banus and Yacht Watching – Must Do

Yacht watching in Marbella, 2014

If you want just a tiny taste of the rich and famous, then Puerto Banus is your destination of choice. The Golden Mile as it’s lovingly referred to attracts some of the world´s biggest celebrities, and royalty. Besides Puerto Banus´ celebrity appeal, another attraction is the number of luxurious yachts that will leave you breathless. Yacht watching is becoming increasingly popular down at the port, it might surprise you how a morning can simply fly by, with coffee in hand, as you try and guess whose yacht is whose. As you can well imagine, several of the yachts that port in Banus are owned by celebrities, royalty and yes, even a few famous tech giants tend to sale through.

Or why not book a ride on a Yacht?

Puerto Banus: Splurge for One Day and Be your Inner Playboy or Diva – Must Do

Marbella´s Nikki Beach

Yes, Puerto Banus gets a bit more attention in this blog, simply because it´s well deserved. You´ve more than likely heard the old saying “live life to the fullest”, and in Puerto Banus you´ve got a unique opportunity to do something completely different that steps outside your normal routine.
It might seem out of people´s reach, but honestly if you have the money saved or feel like you can spoil yourself and your partner, then why not do it in style? And, that´s all it really takes – Banus isn´t just for the extremely wealthy, if you really want to be a part of the famous culture, you too can enjoy a day or night out at Puerto Banus ´hot spots.

Check out Niki Beach and book your beach bed
Stop by Olivia Valere´s and have one drink
Stop into one high end shop and buy something – this includes Dolce and Gabbana, Dior and Gucci.

Flamenco Ana Maria – Must See

One of the most popular Flamenco shows can be seen…actually MUST be seen in Marbella. Flamenco Ana Maria showcases an authentic “Flamenco” evening and is regarded as one of the best shows in Marbella. The venue itself is small, yet cosy; however the ambience and performers make up for the lack of elbow room. The show usually starts at 10:30pm, but we suggest you book in advance this summer holiday season.

A Day Trip: Travel to an Entirely Different Country – Must Do

One thing that makes Europe so wonderfully unique is how close each border lies. Many adventures throughout the years have attempted day excursions, where one could have breakfast in the South of Spain, lunch in Portugal, and finish off with dinner and a night out in North Africa.
This is all possible when you visit Marbella. Day trips are incredibly popular, and besides the above mentioned countries you can even squeeze in a little bit of the UK by visiting Gibraltar. For an entirely different cultural experience however; we highly recommend a day trip to Morocco – you won´t be disappointed, and the costs are incredibly low.

Day trips from Marbella

Visit a White Village – Must See

There are several White Villages situated across the Costa del Sol, and all are impressive historical monuments in themselves. The people still live according to their age-old traditions. Equally impressive is their ancient historical background which is inherited from their Iberian, Roman and Moorish forefathers. If you want ancient history, then visiting a white village in Spain is a must. The closet one to Marbella is in a quaint little white village called Ojen. Even though many of the villages near the Costa del Sol have become resorts, they still manage to hold onto their ancient roots.

White Village near Marbella

Plenty to Do and See in Marbella

Our compiled list is only the tip of the ice-berg when it comes to things to do and see in Marbella or even, the Costa del Sol in general. Besides the usual trips in and around Marbella; our lovely city also has theme parks, golfing, and museums.
Culture and diversity is what you can expect from your trip to Marbella and the Costa del Sol. But you better book now for your holiday apartment or villa in Marbella Spain!


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