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Hansa Takes the Tapas Route

Whatever Your Wallet Presents You

When it comes down to it, the end result is the same for all to experience on your Marbella beach day. The same glorious sun shines down on everyone, you are splashing around in the same Mediterranean Sea and snoozing the afternoon away on the golden beaches that stretch for 27 kilometres. Maybe you’ll choose one of the seven with a Blue Flag award.

Blue Flag Beaches in MarbellaBlue Flag Beaches in Marbella

You might be brushing shoulders with wealthy people, who can easily eat and drink their way through a menu. The bill could quite easily total your month’s rent! You, on the other hand may be sitting with a cool box and a towel stretched out before you.

There is something very wholesome and family orientated with this picture and everyone is having an amazing time. It’s easy to witness four generations spending the day together, the group size increases as the day passes.

The reputation of Marbella is that it’s a little too expensive for everyone to access. This really isn’t the reality though. You would be extremely surprised to know that it has on offer some of the most affordable places to eat and drink, competing with other towns and villages.

There are many reasons for living or visiting Marbella, but high on the list is the choice of Tapas bars offered in the town, with a taste of real, authentic Spanish flavours.

Once you have spent a lazy day on the beach and the family have had enough fun in the sun for the day, you can plan your evening.

Marbella’s Tapa Trail

Meander your way through the cobbled streets of Casco Antiguo, in the old town of Marbella. The weather lends itself to this simple laid back pleasure, the evenings extending to the small hours of the morning, warm and balmy.

You can choose to keep it simple and rustic or experience the new trendy, gourmet experience of art on your plate, served up by some of the culinary masters of the world. One thing is for sure, there appears to be a sense of pride; mediocre servings don’t apply in these parts.

The town has secured the 2 star Michelin chef Dani Garcia, who himself is stamping a bit of personality into his dishes. He has opened at Puente Romano two styles of eating experience one elegant, with fantasy, named after himself ‘Dani García’ and the other ‘Brasserie & Bibo Adalusían Tapas’.

Dani Garcia in MarbellaTapas in Marbella

A little taste of Alice in Wonderland, with a ‘Once upon a time’ theme for his tasting dishes is what to expect at the Dani Garcia restaurant, while the Brasserie is far more casual, which has become a huge hit already. There is a lot to be said for the laid back, relaxed atmosphere created. It certainly is a good fit for the natives of Andalucía.

There are many revered dishes to choose from and Marbella are quite literally famous in these parts for their prawns. The Langostino de Sanluar and the Deepwater Rose Shrimp are two types found in nearby waters. Try them prepared as ‘Gambas Pil Pil’, served in sizzling olive oil, with garlic and spice, finish it off by soaking it up with your bread.

The experience in some of the bars is unique in that there are no menus. Waiters appear often with plates laden with a variety of tapas, priced according to the little tooth pick. The atmosphere can really build and it’s becomes a drama of local banter and chatter to the background music of street artists. Seasonal dishes become top favourites. Right now is Gazpacho. It is served cold and will be sure to refresh you on a hot day. Traditionally it is made from fresh tomatoes, peppers, garlic and extra virgin olive oil, but we are beginning to see some adaptations to the dish.

It has become very trendy to indulge in Tapas Routes, towns and villages are offering summer and winter routes and it’s a fun way to spend an evening with friends. To participate in ‘Ruta de la Tapa’, you get a passport usually from the town hall or tourist information. The participating establishment will stamp your passport and once you complete it you can collect your free gift. You are encouraged to vote for your favourite and that establishment are awarded the winner for the year.
Marbella’s Tapas Route is in the autumn. Last year they were just shy of sixty participating establishments. Expect to pay around €1.50 – €3 for a Tapa and a drink, choose wine, beer or a soft drink. Visit www.guiamarbella.com/rutatapa for more information.


So come and hang out with the ‘Marbellis’, the people of Marbella and have days and nights to remember.


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