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Marbella Gives You The Earth

“We have not inherited the earth from our fathers. We have borrowed it from our children.”

We have heard this quoted over and over, the message is clear, are we listening to it though?

Marbella is indeed listening, and she is getting her hands dirty after offering organic allotments to the local community. The plots are located in the Arboretum finca La Trapiche not far from the bus station.
The director Alejandro Orioli, of Arboretum in Marbella wanted to include the community and create new spaces and enrich the area.

Marbella´s community

The demand was high and the applications carefully considered. The successful candidates, met with the mayor of Marbella, Angeles Muñoz, last month, on the 22nd March, when he handed them a symbolic key to their plots.

It’s an excellent initiative with clear objectives, to open the eyes of the people and create a whole sense of community involvement.

It’s environmentally educational and involves all ages, fostering particularly a set of values in our younger generation. The integration of the different generations is an important factor to promote a new greener Marbella for a sustainable future and raise more social awareness.

HANSA REALTY fully supports this type of initiative in Marbella, investing in your own community is one of the greatest rewards. We feel proud to be part of this wonderful town of Marbella.
With one month under their belts they can move forward this year and celebrate on the 22nd April in true, authentic, environmental style. This day represents globally in over 190 countries, ‘EARTH DAY’, ‘Día de la Tierra’ in Spanish, where over 1 billion people participate.

Earth Day and Hansa Realty

‘Our generation has inherited an incredibly beautiful world from our parents and them from their parents. It is in our hands whether our children and their children inherit the same world. We must not be the generation responsible for irreversibly damaging the environment.’ Richard Branson
The mind of a child is open to imagination and beauty, guide their life experiences in the understanding of themselves inner ward and outward. Our universe has everything to fulfil them. Every child is a product of what we teach them.

School Participation

Local schools can register to participate, resources will be provided and help to organize your event. Follow the campaign on Facebook.

7 Examples of School Activities

  • School garden, plant wildflowers, grow native plants, start a ‘veggie patch’.
  • Eco-murals with eco-friendly art materials.
  • Earth Day event/ or competition.
  • Start a club or volunteer event.
  • Clean up the rubbish.
  • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Simple, fun activities that have us consider the impact we have on our environment. Instil our children with ethical intelligence to carry forward a new way of life.

  • We can all make a little effort and consider our impact on our environments.

Invest in Marbella

This is a time for renewable energy; global companies have an opportunity to make big environmental changes in our built environment. Let Marbella connect with the major players and set in motion this year’s campaign, based on three key elements.

  • Green Buildings

“There is no doubt any longer that green buildings are some of the best investments we can make.” – Hillary Clinton, Greenbuild 2013

The campaign highlights the need for more efficiency of energy and water, reduction in waste and pollution, renewable energy sources and sustainable building materials.

We are demanding a cleaner, cheaper and more reliable sustainable future. The infrastructure needs to update and create these improvements in the distribution of energy.


  • 24% of global greenhouse gas emissions are created by transport. Look to invest in more efficient, low emission vehicles. Improve the walking and cycling experience.
  • Seville introduced ‘Bike Share’, in 2006; they changed the infrastructure within one year, 80km and a 7% modal share.
  • Málaga 0.4% modal share, 30km bicycle lane network. This year will see 20 stations in full operation.
  • Marbella can learn much from the campaign and work with new technologies in creating a brighter future on the Costa del Sol.

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