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Hansa Apart Hotel sponsors the book “Creative Minds in the world of art”.

Those who know me are aware of my love for the world of art and the respect and admiration I feel for the artists. Nowadays the world of art is influenced directly or indirectly by various marketing strategies aimed at introducing emerging artists and promoting those who are already well established. The book that I […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 02/03/2018


Maria Elena Paganini from Marbella interview Michael Tracy from New York. A phenomenon called Tracy 168

by Maria Elena Paganini for Huffington Post New York, without doubt, is the home of all the world’s culture. I must admit, that exploring a City like this as a journalist, is a privilege! But today I can show the younger generations an interview with an artist who is a legend in his own right, […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 11/08/2017


The best recording studio in Europe is in Spain, her owner visit Marbella every year.

Interview by Maria Elena Paganini –When we talk about one of the best recording studios in the world, we talk about the quality of the equipment and of the sound engineers, but I suppose that for your artists it also becomes home, a place where you take your time to compose the latest cords and […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 01/08/2017


Caprichos de mujer

por Pablo Milstein Son imitadas, adoradas e incluso envidiadas, sus rostros nos invaden desde las revistas, y la televisión Maxima, Letizia,  Mozah y Charlotte. Cuatro mujeres, cuatro rostros. Soberanas por matrimonio o aristócratas de cuna. Sus mínimos gestos son copiados y comentados por millones de personas. Hoy las traemos aquí para saber  lo que les […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 25/07/2017


Edmond Fokker, the violinist who is a Paganini Lover! He visit every year La Costa del Sol.

by Maria Elena Paganini Who is Edmond Fokker? Both his parents were musical. His English grandmother was an excellent classical pianist, his father played violin and piano. His mother sang beautifully. Edmond’s first inspiration was when his father played for him when he was 6 years old. It was at that same age he started listening to […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 12/07/2017


Javier Infantes an Andalusian living in New York. Estepona is his home town.

by Maria Elena Paganini   “Perhaps we are what we remember. Memories make us who we are”. -Javier, you are one of those painters who have succeeded in carving yourself a great path in the difficult world of art in New York City. How much is down to effort, to creativity, to technique and to […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 30/06/2017


Bulgari “La Dolce Vita & Beyond” Marbella Puerto Banus

by Maria Elena Paganini Esta marca que ha inmortalizado la belleza de la mujer, desde la impactante Elizabeth Taylor a la cautivadora imagen de Carla Bruni. Todos amamos Bulgari, todos soñamos poseer algo “with the emblematic name of italian excellence”. More than 130 years legacy with a timeless sense of exquisite beauty. Pero Bulgari en […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 26/06/2017



by Maria Elena Paganini Es un gran placer para mi ser editora un año mas de la revista Hansa Living Magazine.  Nuestro anhelo es que este número se convierta en “La Biblia” del mundo inmobiliario en la Costa del Sol. Powered by Hansa Realty esta enfocada a enseñarles algunas de las propiedades mas lujosas que […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 29/05/2017


Conde Rudi. “Cada cliente es un rey y casi cada rey es un cliente del Marbella Club”

by Maria Elena Paganini para Hansa Living Magazine -Como nació la idea de realizar el Marbella club, este hotel de lujo pero sin pretensiones de palacio, con una estética tan andaluza y que hizo realidad junto a su primo el Príncipe Alfonso de Honelohe. He tenido la suerte de haber estado aquí casi desde el […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 18/05/2017


El Perfume Es Una Vibración, Perfume Is A Vibration!!! From Marbella to Desenzano del Garda, Italia.

by Maria Elena Paganini   Todos los que me conocen saben que he amado el perfume toda mi vida, es una “burning passion” como dirían los ingleses. También me gusta usar perfumes muy especiales, aquellos que no están de moda. No me gusta oler a free shop de aeropuerto, por eso busco siempre en tiendas […]

Published in Blog de Maria Elena Paganini | 15/05/2017